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This variety, named after Hall of Fame basketball player Gary Payton, has a charming backstory. According to Berner, Gary Payton was developed while he was sitting at a table with the breeders Powerzzzup genetics. Soon after, they met with Gary Payton‘s mutual acquaintances to discuss the name, and before you know it, a strain has been named after this NBA legend. However, you can Buy gary payton strain UK. Gary payton strain for sale, order gary payton strain, where to buy cali packs uk,how much is an ounce of weed

Gary payton strain for sale

A hybrid with a Sativa dominance of 80%, Berners Cookies contains 20% Indica. a strain developed by Wiz Khalifa’s pal and notorious rapper Berner. With its highly strong THC content, which typically reaches approximately 27%, and irresistible flavor. This Girl Scout cookie flavor is not to be taken lightly; it packs a punch. Rich nutty and vanilla kush flavors are delivered with each pleasant inhalation of this flavor.

Although it occasionally becomes acrid and dank, the aroma released as the nugs burn has a similar effect. After taking your first hit, the effects begin to take effect and plunge you into a pleasant, gregarious condition. Where to buy cali packs uk. You’ll experience euphoria and be eager to converse with anyone nearby.

Strains of Berner Cookies

The cannabis strain Berners cookies produces a very chatty, social, but disoriented high. It is advise for use in the evening or on idle days off. Professional smokers and anxious patients both adore this strain’s powerful intensity.

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Cookies Gary Payton, sometimes referred to as “Gary Payton,” is a rare evenly balanced hybrid strain produced by crossing the well-known They X Snowman strains (50 percent indica, 50 percent sativa). Gary Payton Cookies strain is undoubtedly best suited for the experienced patient because to its potent high and lingering effects.The two industry juggernauts Cookies and Powerzzz Genetics produced Gary Payton. This variety is a highly sought-after Cookies cultivar with a name inspired by an NBA Hall of Famer. One of the most popular cannabis strains in the country is the Gary Payton variety. The hybrid strain becomes one of the most sought-after ones on the market as a result. How much is an ounce of weed



1 PACK (3.5grams), Ounce ( 28grams), Quater Pound (112grams), HP (223grams), pound ( 443grams)


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