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An indica-dominant hybrid with great bag appeal is the pink lemonade strain. Although the origins of this strain are unknown, there is no denying its power and fruity flavor. Pink Lemonade has a tart-sweet flavor and a lovely medley of psychological and physiological consequences. Even though this strain is considered to provide a shorter-than-average high, both cannabis veterans and newbies can find it to be a strong and memorable smoke. THC levels in lemonade have been found to range from 12% to 22%. The best cannabis store to buy pink lemonade strain UK. Get pink lemonade weed for sale, sour pink lemonade strain, guava dawg strain, thca flower uk

pink lemonade weed for sale

Large, hefty buds on Pink Lemonade immediately announce its presence. Conical to more cylindrical and bullet-shaped tapering groupings of these flowers can stay together. Pink Lemonade’s buds have an indica-typical structure, being compact and nugget-like with leaves firmly fastened to their central stems, as may be anticipated given their indica ancestry.

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These leaves themselves are particularly renowned for their kaleidoscope of dark purple and olive green tones. These latter hues are the product of genetic pigments called anthocyanins, which when boosted by cold conditions during the growing phase, activate and produce blue and purple tints guava dawg strain, thca flower uk . Finally, the already eye-catching buds are further enhanced by the foggy white trichomes.

These flowers do really smell like sour lemons when they are properly dried. There are also some understated sweet and flowery scents, much like in real pink lemonade. These large nuggets can show more nuanced incense and hash aromas when ground up, indicating OG Kush or Afghani ancestry. Pink Lemonade burns with a silky smoke that is quite appealing.



14 grams, OZ (28 GRAMS), QP (112 GRAMS ), HP (223 GRAMS), LB (443 GRAMS)


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