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We value simplicity and effectiveness in life and they manifest in MOTA THC Tincture Sativa, a cannabis treatment. Mota tinctures provide the best quality derivatives with constant, pure, and precisely specified THC and/or CBD, making medication as simple as it can be. Buy thc tincture online UK, thc tincture for sale UK, thc tincture 1000mg for sale, thc tincture for anxiety, buy cbd tincture 1000mg

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All of Mota’s MOTA THC Tincture Sativa products adhere to their original philosophy of meticulous preparation and adherence to quality and purity. Mota was founded as a resource for patients they knew as friends. MOTA THC Tincture Sativa provides the finest quality derivatives with consistent, pure, and precisely specified THC and/or CBD. Find out what makes Mota different.

The Sativa THC Tincture from Mota is ideal for quick, simple, and covert daytime use. This tincture relieves stress and pain while sustaining your motivation throughout the day.

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Medical Uses: THC tincture for anxiety; insomnia; stress; pain; loss of appetite; relaxed; arthritis; muscle spasms; restlessness.

Please keep minors out of this area.

Ingredients: Sativa-based THC oil and organic grapeseed oil

THC is an active ingredient. thc tincture for anxiety

Product can be portioned by millilitre drops. When using for the first time, take 2-3 drops. Before deciding on any more doses, give the medication 60 minutes to take action. Take for optimal benefits while eating.

Please store in a cool, dry place for the best effects during storage. buy cbd tincture 1000mg

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