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This product is Lab-tested in a Health Canada approved testing facility.

  • 30 caps per bottle
  • 25mg THC per cap
  • 750mg THC per bottle

What stores sell THC pills?

Many different internet retailers provide these things. Although buying cannabis online can be quite handy, UK legislation regarding this are still unclear.

Effects of Taking a THC Pill

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the psychoactive effects of THC have been met with mixed reactions in the US. Recent studies from the University of New Mexico have found that, contrary to popular belief, cannabinoids have a more significant role in the therapeutic benefits of marijuana than previously thought. The 2019 Scientific Reports study’s authors arrived to the following startling conclusion:

THC pills appear to be essentially identical to any other pill or capsule, save from the fact that they contain THC. THC pills make it simple for medical marijuana users to administer their medication and get immediate, long-lasting relief. MOTA THC Capsules for sale

THC pills typically include some THC, though their composition and contents might differ substantially. However, some might include larger concentrations of CBD, while others might have higher concentrations of terpenes or flavonoids. Order THC Capsules UK, 100mg thc pills, thc capsules for sale london


10 Pills, 1 Bottle (30 Capsules)


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