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buy minntz strain online UK

The best place to buy minntz strain online UK. Bubba Kush X Animal Mints was a powerful cross that produced Kush Mintz, a well-balanced hybrid strain. Ideal for anyone who enjoys a strong mint flavour, Thanks to its extremely high 22-24% average THC content, minntz weed for sale UK produces well-balanced effects that are highly potent for both the body and psyche. Kush Mintz tastes crisp and minty, with undertones of earthy cookies and delicious coffee Jealousy minntz weed. The scent is a powerful hit of mint mixed with rich, spicy coffee and earthy, fragrant woods.  Minntz cookies strain, cookies weed packs

minntz weed for sale UK

While the flavour is more invigorating, the Kush Mintz high is more sedative-oriented, making you feel groggy if you’re not careful. According to reports, Kush Mintz is ideal for treating ailments including depression, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, nausea, and appetite loss.

This indica-dominant hybrid tastes minty and is smooth to the palate. Frosty trichomes cover MINTZ, a visually stunning and thick nug Jealousy minntz weed. A delightful high that leaves you carefree is what you can expect—the perfect afternoon treat.

MINTZ effects:

  • Bliss
  • Sleep
  • Carefree

Like all of our High Season flowers, MINTZ is grown inside under carefully controlled conditions minntz cookies strain. We have much more control over our indoor plant cultivation, so we can be more certain that the final product will live up to our high standards.

Not only did we painstakingly nurture each individual plant from seed to harvest, but we also bred MINTZ to be the powerhouse that it is cookies weed packs. We are certain that it is devoid of all the things that shouldn’t be on your buds, such as metals, pesticides, and mould.



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