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buy Lemon cherry gelato strain UK. The Bay Area is not short in unique cannabis strains, tastes, and eye-catching packaging. using an emblem resembling that of Rolls-Royce. Native to the Bay Area Lemon cherry gelato for sale, The Backpack Boyz cultivate quality cannabis on a regular basis while putting on a showy front. full of expensive cars, dollar notes, and champagne bottles. Lemon cherry gelato backpackboyz, UK cali packs, Cali bud

Lemon cherry gelato backpackboyz

Having a vault of various strains demonstrates the kind of fire that Backpack Boyz brings to the table. They serve conventional gelato flavors including strawberry, apple, cherry, UK cali packs peanut butter, and many more. Horchata is another well-known strain that has become popular in California as a sought-after exotic; enthusiasts frequently brag about it on the Backpack Boyz Instagram page.

They have an exquisite assortment of strains with a variety of green tones. With a wide range in their buds, they have shades of purple and everything in between.

Lemon cherry gelato for sale

Together with their own buds, other upscale dispensaries including Cookies Maywood, Cookies Hollywood, and Cana Harbor are sold through their dispensary front,  Cali bud 5 Points Los Angeles. Visit a tagged dispensary in their post on Instagram to see more of the Backpack Boyz collection.

Child Resistant Mylar Bags

3.5g Heat Sealable Mylar Bag

Bag Size: 110mm x 168mm (w x h)



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