Jefe OG cookies


31% THC
0.1% CBD

by COOKIES bred.SF has a sweet, spicy flavour with a tangy aftertaste, as well as an earthy, lemony fragrance. The ideal place to buy Jefe OG strain UK with the best quality Jefe OG strain for sale, big al’s exotics strains, Jefe OG cookies strain

The ancestry and terpene profile of this strain were unknown, however the nug was described as being light green with deep amber pistils and a frosty layer of crystal trichomes.

Even though they are one of the most well-known California growers, there are still many unanswered questions regarding the genetics of the Cookies strain. One strain, known as Cereal Milk, is highly regarded by devotees.

buy Jefe OG strain UK

A lot of individuals have developed an interest in Cookies as a result of the strain’s opulent name, its frosty photogenic qualities, and the hype around the brand. Cookies’ Jefe OG Is Available Here!

The genetics of Cereal Milk are a mystery to everyone outside of Cookies HQ. Many reports claim that it is a hybrid of Sunset Sherbet, however it is challenging to verify.

Jefe OG strain for sale

The strain’s breathtaking images are simple to verify. It has dense, elongated buds with strong purple accents and trichomes that practically fall off the leaves Jefe OG cookies strain.

Although I haven’t examined the 75th phenotype, the 53rd was outstanding. Its stunning purple buds, berry pine terpene profile, and strong Indica-hybrid effects earned it a 9.3 rating.

The genetics of the cannabis strain London Pound Cake are potent enough to produce a wide range of pleasant effects. Selling Cookies Mr. OG Sweet Tea is available in a number of California marijuana shops in a variety of forms, including flower, pre-rolls, and G-Pods that work with G-Pen vaporizers.

Soon, residents of Washington will have access to a menu that features the delicious London Pound Cake variety. big al’s exotics strains

Before the end of 2019, Berner has publicly announced that the company would expand to the Evergreen State.



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