Sour Diesel Shatter


THC: 720.00 – 800.00 mg

CBD: 0.00 – 10.00 mg

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buy cannabis concentrate online UK . Our Sour Diesel Shatter is one of the most pure forms of tetrahydrocannabinol on the market at 90% purity. THC makes up almost all of its composition. Therefore, Phyto Extractions are used to create the Sour Diesel Shatter. No after-ingestion intoxicating effects. natural terpenes, which are also derived from the cannabis plant, are added. The stimulating sativa-dominant strain Sour Diesel Shatters by Phyto Extractions, also known as Sour D, is named for its strong, diesel-like fragrance. Cannabis shatter for sale UK, marijuana shatter UK, shatter dab

Cannabis shatter for sale UK

The energetic, dreamy cerebral benefits that Sour Diesel is famous for are deliver by this fast-acting strain. Users of Sour Diesel get a warm and pleasant head rush as soon as the high hits them. There can also be a notable improvement in mood. Despite increasing synaptic activity in the brain, the effects of Sour Diesel are less deeply intellectual and more euphoric. When using the strain alone, users may feel a bit introspective or chatty depending on their environment. This soaring high is frequently partially ground by a faint sensation of muscular relaxation.


THC: 69.8%

Sour Diesel Shatter Properties

Some of the effects reported from Sour Diesel Shatters are:


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Patients report Sour Diesel Shatters helps them manage:

marijuana shatter UK, shatter dab


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