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Girl Scout Cookies Shatter, also known as GSC-S, is a very well-balanced hybrid that exhibits noticeable traits of both Indica and Sativa. It is derived from the extract of one of the most popular strains of the last decade, Girl Scout Cookies. This 40/60 sativa indica strain has been known to produce THC levels that can soar to dizzying heights, occasionally reaching as high as 28%! Users of GSC-S report feeling pleased, ecstatic, and creative despite their extreme lethargy and inability to move while under the influence of this substance. The best place buy marijuana shatter online UK, cannabis concentrates for sale, shatter dab wax for sale, Girl Scout Cookies Shatter

Users have also gushed about how deliciously sweet the GSC-S is on their taste buds. Because it is so well-balanced, GSC-S is a strain that is recommended for smokers of every experience level. Concentrates such as shatter are known for their high strength.

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The Girl Scout Cookie strain of cannabis is constantly regarded as one of the most powerful. When transformed into a shatter, the potency of Girl Scout Cookie goes above the whole of its individual parts. There is a Girl Scout Cookie at DTPC in Riverside that is a very beautiful, rich, translucent golden-amber color.

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As you attach the bendable shatter to the nail, its honey hue will make you feel like Pooh sitting in the honey jar, and the process will remind you of that. It’s a heavy hitter, quickly filling your lungs and chest while traveling up to your head and then down your arms and legs in a fluid, flowing motion.Relax, and notice how both your mind and body seem to grow. Girl Scout Cookie shatter, in the same way as Girl Scout Cookies should be shared, is most delightfully appropriate when it comes to social situations.

THC: 87.60%
CBD: 1.60%
CBN: 1.20%

Girl Scout Cookies Shatters Properties

Some of the effects reported from Girl Scout Cookies Shatters are:
Patients report Girl Scout Cookies Shatter helps them manage:
Multiple sclerosis


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