Sativa/Hybrid Sample Pack


Save 10% and get 1 gram each of:

Orange Crush
Blue Dream

Lavender Kush
Pink Lemonade
Cali Cookies
Alien OG
Black Nuken
Pineapple Express
Cotton Candy
Tangerine Dream


Sativa/Hybrid Sample Pack

Don’t know what to get – try our Sativa/Hybrid Sample Pack. We’ve included the best of the Sativas and Hybrids we carry. Many of the flavors in this pack are characteristic of Sativas, giving you a nice relaxing cerebral high without the couch lock. Try them all and come back for your favorite!

All of these are offered in packages of 1g each, so you can easily get a good insight into the value offered by each one of them. This way you can get the right product that suits your requirements and needs in no time!


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