KandyPens 350mAh Battery /USB Charger



KandyPens 350mAh Battery

510 thread = ultimate versatility

Specifically Designed & Engineered for Higher Voltage Requirement Tanks
350mAh Battery
Variable Voltage (Green 3.7V, Blue 3.9V, Red 4.1V)
Sesh Mode Battery Feature
Glossy Enamel Finish
510 Threaded
USB Charger Included
Lifetime Warranty
Developed & Designed in the USA
What Forbidden Fruitz say:

The KandyPens 350mAh Battery w battery is the ultimate in CBD cartridge batteries. With the super popular 510 thread attached to the world is your lobster! It’s currently THE most popular and common thread size which makes it fully interchangeable with most CBD liquid and oil cartridges on the market. It has a lifetime warranty, it’s a simple plug and play USB connector means you can charge and use almost anywhere, it’s handmade, it’s high-temperature heating ensures you can use it with harder to burn oils AND it has a mode called ‘Sesh mode’ need I say more?……………… Well actually yes, how can I not mention it costs less than £30?!


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