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gummy thc edibles for sale UK

Gummy thc edibles for sale UK. Cheeba chews are taffies that have been sliced to exact weight tolerances and then infused with cannabis to produce consistent effects every time. While activating 98%+ of the accessible cannabinoids, their refined technique consistently produces the safest, most pure cannabis extract imaginable. THC, CBD, and CBN concentrations are checked in each and every batch of extract. In order to keep their promise to provide the most potent and reliable cannabis edibles on the market, they also test their edibles on a monthly basis. However, you can get cheeba chews 1000mg, cheeba chews gummies for sale, buy thc edibles online, thc gummies UK

There are the following varieties:

Orange Sativa
This chocolate treat comes with ten individually-dosed pieces to help you get through the day.

Test results: Each box contains 100mg of THC.

cheeba chews 1000mg

Blend (Green)

Enjoy this mouthwatering chocolate variant, which comes in a packet of ten 10mg doses, if you’re looking for both calming and creatively motivating energies cheeba chews gummies for sale.
88.63mg of THC were found in each packet.

Caramel (Yellow) Hybrid

Another hybrid product, however this time you can get ten 10mg dosages per box with a hint of salty-sweet caramel.

Test results: 87.31mg of THC per packet

Black Indica
These ten-10mg dosage packages are ideal for people who need help falling asleep but still enjoy a chocolate treat before bed.
Test results: Each box contains 100mg of THC. Buy thc edibles online

Strawberry (Pink) Indica
It can be beneficial to unwind at night with this strawberry-flavored taffy.
Test results: Each box contains 100mg of THC. Thc gummies UK



Caramel Chews, Sour Apple Taffy, Strawberry Taffy, Chocolate Taffy, Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Watermelon


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