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Greenleaf Dispensary is the best place to buy cali carts online in UK. Cali carts come in packaging that is nearly identical to that of other counterfeit goods like exotic carts. They make use of trademarked symbols or labels. As seen in cartoons or advertisements for sweets. To attract customers, counterfeit companies often exploit well-known products, such as candies and cartoon characters. Simply put, they are aiming at a young demographic, or that particular brand has a lot of followers. Therefore, you can also buy thc cartridges UK. Cali carts for sale UK, buy 100% thc cartridges UK, thc cartridges shipped anywhere

cali carts for sale UK

Therefore, they make unauthorised use of them. It’s safe to assume that Nintendo will never grant a marijuana company a licence to use the Mario Kart brand. Authentic brands don’t steal from others, both because doing so would get them shut down and because their target demographic consists primarily of mature consumers. If the name or logo of your cartridge manufacturer or strain is similar to that of another. It’s not genuine, whether it’s a TV series, a video game, or a box of cereal.

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Customers have complained that after a few puffs, the oil in the cartridge turns black, the oil doesn’t bubble, and the flavour is too tart to be real.

Cali Carts Cartridge Test Positive For 11 Pesticides 

Cartridges from a number of different Cali Carts tested positively for 11 different pesticides, proving that these carts are not free of contaminants. They made an Instagram post about finding 11 different pesticides. The screenshot we’ve included below can be scanned by anyone with a QR code reader to confirm the authenticity of the results. Buy 100% thc cartridges UK

thc cartridges shipped anywhere

For the purposes of this Cali Carts review, we refrained from using the prefilled cartridges that were available to us due to the presence of pesticides in those cartridges. Saddeningly, people can be seen vaping what appear to be pesticides on YouTube in exchange for clicks. We’ll be contacting the reviewers of Cali Carts who posted their work on YouTube; dirty black market carts aren’t worth critiquing.


Sour diesel, OG Skywalker, Hawaiian Punch, Hulk Berry, Bubba Kush, Kandy Kush, Purple Punch, Blue Dream, YEEE OG, LA OG, Super Haze, GSC, Banana Kush, Blackberry kush, Zkittles, Cookie kush, Green Crack, Cherry berry, Gorilla Glue, Nerdz, Lemon chime


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