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TKO is a gadget that is a disposable pod that is pre-filled with e-liquid and is small, light, and portable. The fact that none of these disposable pod devices require maintenance, charging, or replenishment makes them extremely convenient to use. Each portable TKO disposable comes with an e-liquid tank that is pre-filled with 6% (60mg) of nicotine, which ought to be sufficient to satisfy your cravings for an adequate amount of time. Check out our selection of bundles that contain disposable vaporizers! The best place to buy TKO extracts Disposable pen UK,Tko vape disposable for sale, tko extracts 1ml cartridges, tko extracts htfse

Tko vape disposable for sale

  • 1.3 milliliters in total capacity
    Puff Count: Over three hundred puffs
    Non-Rechargeable and Non-Refillable, often Known as Disposable
    Nicotine (Nicotine) Concentration: 6% (60 mg) Approximately 20 Cigarettes are Containing Nicotine Salt in Each Pack
    Mechanism for Activated Firing, a Drawing
    280 milliampere hours of battery life
    Material of the Body: Plastic
    A Rainbow of Colors. Tko extracts 1ml cartridges

To taste:

  • A Variety of Fruits
    Apple Pineapple Blueberries Pineapple
    Mango with Lychee
  • Included in the packaging are:

1x TKO Disposable Vape Device (One Time Use Only)
Tko vape disposables available for purchase; tko extracts 1ml cartridges and htfse also available. Tko extracts htfse



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