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buy apple fritter weed strain UK

Buy apple fritter weed strain UK. A strain with such a stellar reputation would seem to have a very clear history, but Apple Fritter continues to win prizes without much of a backstory. She is well-liked throughout the entire state of California and is thought to be a hybrid strain produced by fusing Sour Apple and Animal Cookies. Apple fritter weed for sale, buy weed in Glasgow, buy cannabis online London, order cali weed UK

Apple fritter weed for sale

Although she has a high of 32% THC and is known to be one of the strongest strains on the market, her flower would lead you to believe otherwise. The trichomes on the average bud are few,order cali weed UK  and the pistils are a bright orange color. Her flavors are similar to the pastry she is named after, as you might expect, and she adds a tiny bit of cheesy goodness at the end to beautifully balance things out.

Many users initially find Apple Fritter to be highly euphoric as she imparts a large rush of creativity, which makes her an interesting gal buy weed in Glasgow. Although it may seem like the perfect time to work on a creative endeavor or compose a new song. Most people will be too comfortable to actually act on their newly discovered inspiration buy cannabis online London. This sedation only worsens as the high develops, bringing people to a state of extreme physical heaviness and finally sleep.


14 grams, OZ (28 GRAMS), QP (112 GRAMS ), HP (223 GRAMS), LB (443 GRAMS)


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