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The best cannabis store to buy animal mints strain online UK. Thin Mint Cookies and Fire OG, two iconic marijuana hybrid strains, gave birth to animal mints animal mints weed for sale. This strain, which can only be grown from clones, matures into dense, icy green buds with purple tips in 9–10 weeks. Animal Cookies live up to their name with a sweet-sour scent and animal mints cannabis strain potent full-body effects that will please even seasoned users strongest weed. This powerful medication may be excessive for minor symptoms, but it has an unmatched capacity to eliminate extreme pain and insomnia weed delivery in Hull.

animal mints weed for sale

Face Mints is the extremely potent offspring of Face Off OG and Kush Mint. It is a predominately indica combination that produces a psychedelic high, a cerebral high, and pronounced munchies. Face Mints, one of Space Monkey Meds’ strongest strains ever, has a staggering 30% THC concentration. It is essential to tread cautiously when first smoking this engine because it can be scary.

animal mints cannabis strain

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